Tone Guide Press, Inc

Who We Are

Founded in 1934, Tone Guide Press Incorporated (TGPI) is the leading security printer in the Philippines, gaining the trust of major banks and corporations in its more than 80 years in the business. TGPI has always been at the forefront of security printing– in bank checks, gift certificates, school diplomas and other documents. We have earned the confidence of our clients by proactively working with them in securing their products against forgers and counterfeiters. In our pursuit for total customer satisfaction, we continue to hone our craft in security and specialty printing to this day.


We are accredited by the following groups:
1. Philippine Clearing House Corporation
2. APO Production Unit, Inc.
3. Banker’s Association of the Philippines


Why print with us?

 Our premises are heavily guarded to safe keep your documents.
 We design specialized security features that we can incorporate into your documents to prevent tampering and forgery.
 We have strict controls to ensure the quality and accuracy of data printed on your documents.
 We provide technical support to our customers.